Meatless Monday: Arctic Char

This takes so little time and prep to make, I can’t believe I was intimidated. The fish itself takes about 6 minutes, and the bok choy the same. I pan fried the fish thanks to some direction from the guys at Greenpoint Fish and Lobster.

The skin gets so crispy and tasty, it’s like fried chicken skin. I can’t wait to make it on the meat days as well. 

I'm working on the night photos. I know. 

I'm working on the night photos. I know. 

There isn't really a recipe here per say. Just get some fresh Arctic char, bok choy, garlic, salt, and pepper. I used some of my leftover celeriac mash, but it's really optional. 

For the METHOD: Salt and pepper on the skin side, pressing it in pretty good to make sure it sticks. Add a little to the other side as well. Using a stainless steel heavy bottom pan, heat a high temp oil (I used grapeseed) on med-hi and place the fish, skin side down on the pan. I pressed down on the fish a bit to make sure the skin was making total contact. Wait till the fish looks almost cooked through (5-6 min) then flip over and turn off the heat, letting it sit for 45 seconds or so. 

The bok choy was sauteed in garlic and olive oil, then steamed while the fish was cooking.

Now go impress a friend. Or a date. Or yourself for that matter.