The leftover report: rib roast.

Here’s a collection of what became of the rib roast leftovers. Of which there are now no leftovers. 

Sometimes you need a little gluten. Roast beef sandwiches for 2.

For the day after, I sliced the meat thin to turn into sandwiches, added some lettuce, swiss, mayo, mustard, on fresh whole grain buns. 

Steak tacos. Just cube the meat and toss in pan with some seasoning and onion. 

For the tacos, I used some extra celeriac I had and made a slaw with red cabbage. Then I cubed what was basically a small steak cut from the roast and tossed in a pan with some cumin and onion. Topped with avocado, goat cheese and greek yogurt. 

I really need to get a light for night shots. 

I really need to get a light for night shots. 

One more time with feeling. If you take the most rare part from the center of the roast, you can reheat it carefully and slowly, covered at 250 to serve again. This time with leftover celeriac puree, and some beautiful red chard.

This morning, I used the last little bit in an omelette with some spinach and tomato, and just like that, the roast was done. With not a leftover complaint in the house.