Moving Nothing

Almost two years ago, my husband, dog and I picked up to move to NYC for a change of scenery, and job. We left behind a house we had bought less than two years earlier, and sold almost everything in it. We had no idea where we were going to live, and figured that wherever it was it would be tiny and that we were best to start from scratch. So we rented a minivan, and took only what would fit. Here's what made the cut:

  • Coffee table 
  • Rug
  • A duffle bag of clothing each, bedding
  • Record Player
  • One box of records
  • One box of books
  • Our dog
  • His stuff
  • Bikes

Aside from a Cado wall unit and Hoosier cabinet that remained in our house when we rented it out, I miss nothing. It's been a year of treasure hunting and it's starting to come together. 

Here's what the apt looked like before we moved in: it was being used as live/work for an editing company, the living space an office space filled to the brim. 



Here it was upon move-in: we were surprised to see how much space there was once all the office stuff was cleared. 

And so the project of rebuilding a home from scratch began.  I'm doing this about a year after the fact, and we still have a ways to go. Though here's a few weeks in, after we found a sofa on craigslist, and picked up a table and chairs. 

More to come.